Customers: Electronics

The electronics industry utilizes CSL’s expertise and advanced technology in applications such as microwave, satellite, laser, and optics. These customers use both existing and custom CSL processes.

Case Study
Customer: Electronics manufacturer
Part: Electronics chassis

Low resistivity
High frequency (>1GHz)
Moderate corrosion protection

CSL Solution: Custom-designed nitulloy process

Our electronics customers include Amphenol, Coherent Corporation, Loral Space Systems, Newport Corporation, Memco Antennas, and Zodiac Aerospace.

Our Customers…

“We are pleased to recommend CSL
as an excellent vendor for high quality
and affordable plating services. Over
the past six years, CSL has been our
preferred plating vendor for all of our
space flight antenna hardware
programs. CSL has consistently
provided MEMCO with top quality
plating services and offered excellent
customer service both in technical
assistance and with quick turn-around
time responsiveness.”

Jeff. D. Hazelwood
Manager of Engineering
MEMCO Antennas